FemNio is a combination of two Sweedish words. Fem means five while Nio means Nine. So, 59.

Why 59? Why FemNio?

Number one, because it is extremely hard to find 6 or less character dot-com domain with meaning available in the market. Number two, because my birthday was on 5th September. Yup, I agree with you my birthday has nothing to do with the business name but hey, at least it has a meaning.

Oh! I almost forgot. I’m Azizuan, the guy behind FemNio.

FemNio Creations (002532854-K) is an official business, registered with Company Commissioner Of Malaysia on 14th April 2016. It began as a tiny little company with a very big goal; to start doing. Yes, you read it right, to start doing things and stuff.

It is always my passion to create a web product that works. By works, I mean liked and visited by millions of netizen from around the globe. I’ve been trying to do so since 2009, from Blogspot to self-hosted dot com website while self-thought myself from countless resources I’ve found on the internet itself. Too bad, I’ve much other commitment that I need to prioritize prior to this project.

Over the years, the technology has advanced rapidly, probably very much faster as how much BitCoin price is soaring. The web is slowly eaten by smartphones applications. However, we can’t deny the importance of websites nor we could kill it. Websites are still relevant today and it will stay for a long time.

Despite the rapid advancement in technology, there are still gaps between the existing web product available today. FemNio is created to take care of this; to fill in the gaps. Providing our users with a different kind of experience, much better than what the market has to offer.